Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon Binder

Coupon Binders are everywhere!

The savvy saver is always thinking of new ways to save money and this is a great idea. The only problem is...where do I start? Should I spend $30-$60 on one from a website? Well, that sortof defeats the purpose of saving money doesn't it? I know that they say that it will pay for itself very quickly, but it's still a lot of money out of pocket during a recession. So here's what I did....

I bought a durable plastic binder at Walmart for about $2-4.
I bought plastic baseball card pages for about $4-5.
I bought a clipboard for about $1-3.
I printed out my own recipe pages and shopping lists that I made myself.

TOTAL less than $10!

I use to keep a working shopping list, it prints or can go to my cell phone.

I check out the store's websites for flyers/deals before I shop, print out a list (my stores websites all do this), then put the page with the coupons on top- on my clipboard. It's organised and effective. I buy only what's on my list as I know what's on special before I go.


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