Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Staples preview!

If you have a Staples near you- now is the time to get filler paper! You can go to the Staples website and sign up for the ad preview and they will send you this every week on Friday usually. This is a shortlist of some of the deals my store has this next week! Watch the sales as some prices are only good until Wednesday!

FREE Scotch Pop-up Desk-grip Tape Dispenser. After rebate $3-$3 rebate=FREE. Limit 1.

FREE Staples Stickes 1.5" x 2" Notes. After rebate $5.29-$5.29 rebate=FREE. Limit 1.

FREE Pentel Handylines Highlighters 4 Pk. After rebate no price stated?=FREE. Limit 1.

Filler Paper 120 ct Wide-ruled for ONE PENNY! Limit 5 with $5 purchase.

Staples Multipurpose Paper, 20lb, 96 bright for ONE DOLLAR! After rebate $4.99-$3.99 rebate= $1. Limit 2.

PNY Attache 2GB USB Flash Drive for ONE DOLLAR! After rebate $9.99-$8.99 rebate= $1. Limit 1.

There is a coupon page that includes some fabulous deals as well!

$1 Deals

4Pk Ticonderoga Pencils

12Pk Bic Roundstick Pens

Westcott 7" Scissors

50 Pk Staples Photo Paper 8.5" x 11"

$2 Deals

4 Pk Papermate Retractable Gel Pens, medium

Staples Pencil Pouch

4Pk Expo Dry Erase Markers, Assorted

ALL Crayola Washable Markers and Crayons

Excellence 10Piece Math Set (perfect for those who have Geometry this year!)

Expo 8.9" x 11.8" Double-sided dry-erase board (Lined on one side for teaching how to write/spell)

$3 Deals

8pk Staedtler Ball Point Pens, Assorted

5Pk Pilot G-2 Gel retractable Pens (my favorite and half price!)

50Pk Staples CD/DVD Envelopes (Got loose Movies/Music?)

$4 Deals

Staples Brights 8.5" x 11" Paper, 24lb Ream, usually $11.49 - $13.49 (Great for making Home made Cards off the computer or via the kids handiwork!)

Staples Storage Crate

This is the sale I have been waiting for! I need the filler paper, Pens, Washable markers & crayons, stickies, highlighters, expo markers, and USB drive.

Good thing I have been saving the $15 check I got for last quarter's ink cartridges I turned in!

I might be able to get out the door with all of that for less than $10 out of pocket!

I will have a rebate check coming to me for over $15 in few weeks too!

That means that Staples will have PAID ME to buy all the supplies I needed for class this year!



Sunday Coupon Smartsource Preview!

Folow the link to the coupon preview for this Sunday's Smartsource flyer!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free haircuts for kids under 17!

Remington College is having a back to school haircutting for free bonanza! Woo Hoo!!!

It makes me wish I lived near one! I don't however, I just HAD to pass it on so other people could enjoy the FREEdom of it all!

Enjoy the haircut!


Discount Movie Tickets

Discount Movie Tickets





Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I absolutly love what I like to call: The "FREE" Movement. It is so fab and 'in' to give stuff away that I cannot believe how much it happens everyday!

The lattest free stuff is bowling. I know sortof a 70's fad- that is coming back into fashion!

It all started with the Free bowling for children earlier this summer. If you sign up- you get a free game for the little ones- each week- all summer long. So, if you haven't signed up- do it now and you have until the end of the month to enjoy!

If that wasn't enough- they have gone full throttle on this one! Free bowling for everyone who has their own coupon, this Saturday only (August 7th), and at participating centers- nationwide ladies and gents! Just give them your email address. I was able to print out three without ANY problems, so no worries about extra prints!

The best part is the only thing you do have to pay for is shoe rental. Most places only charge $1-3 for this. We are planning on going and playing a game this Saturday for only $7.50 for FIVE people! WOO HOO!!!!




Be Snack Ready

Be Snack Ready

AddThis - Get Your Button Code

AddThis - Get Your Button Code

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Supplies Deals This Week

School Supplies Deals This Week

Walgreens: New 15% off Coupon

Walgreens: New 15% off Coupon


I saw the link about the potatoes 5lbs for $2.99 and thought it was a good deal---until I went to Save-a-lot! They have potatoes 10lbs for $2.99!!!! Get em while you can!

Target Deals: August 1 - 8

Target Deals: August 1 - 8

Memory Walk

I am an avid supporter of four different Charities. I walk and/or donate my assitance. I am currently seeking donations for the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk in October. While people are trying to figure out what their children's Halloween costumes are going to be- I also raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Disease.

Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease every 70 seconds. That's nearly one person per minute. The higher the stress you have, including your occupation, means you have a higher chance of suffering from the disease.

Please donate.

Please Walk.

Please Help.

Walgreens: Huggies Pull Ups Clearanced

Walgreens: Huggies Pull Ups Clearanced

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grinding/Preparing Meat

There are several ways to prepare meat for freezing. I have found that buying meat in bulk and on sale are the best ways to save money. Last week, Winn-Dixie had some great BOGOF offers on both chicken breasts and steak. Steak- you may ask. Yes, we do buy steak at this house.

I do a lot of things with steak- including stews, fajitas, stir-fry, and grinding for burgers. That's what they do with the meat you buy already ground. DUH! you may think, I already knew that! What you probably don't know- is what part of the cow they are using in your ground beef. If you grind it at home- you ALWAYS know. The other benefit is being able to control the fat content of the meat a lot better. If you want lean meat- you can always cut off the fat and/or buy the leanest cuts.

Let me put my soap box away for the moment. Back to the fun stuff. I find it's easier on grocery day to prepare all of the meat and then freeze it. I cut the chicken into strips and single serving sizes, package it into one pound portions, write it on the Ziploc bag, and then freeze it. I made the mistake of not writing it on the outside once and had to change our dinner plans. I cut the beef into chunks for stew and strips for recipes and grinding.

Tips for grinding your own meat:

1. Get the grinder ready ahead of time- don't forget the cutting tool (I did that-what a mess!).
2. Put the meat in the freezer to make it very cold 20-30 minutes usually does it.
3. Then cut the meat into long, thin strips.
4. Then put it through the grinder at it's own pace. Forcing it can bruise the meat.
5. Try not to do more than five (5) pounds at a time. It can wreak havoc on the grinder's motor, overheating it. (This is especially true if you use a manual hand grinder- as you are the motor!)
6. Grinding it twice is good as the fat is spread out better and cooks easier, I have found. I use the coarse attachment on the first grind and then the fine attachment on the second grind.
7. Package and freeze the meat as soon as you can.

Other tips:

It is wise to buy a little more meat than you plan to end up with as there is some waste in the grinding process. I try to buy an extra tenth of a pound for each pound I plan to grind. If there is less waste than this, I make a slightly heavier pound. Always good when you have a teenager, like I do!

I flatten out the ground beef when I put it into the bag as the air is pushed out, leaving less chance for freezer burn, and the meat thaws faster. I have been able to thaw a pound of ground beef under cool water in less than 20 minutes. Always good for those occasions when you may have forgotten to take meat out that day. This also works for chicken that has been cut into strips.

Making life a bit simpler while saving time and money!

If you have any questions, please ask!

New Blockbuster Express Rental Code!

New Blockbuster Express Rental Code!

Staples: Back to School Deals

Staples: Back to School Deals

Free Smoothie At McDonald's

Free Smoothie At McDonald's

Publix Deals: July 21-27

Publix Deals: July 21-27

School Supplies Price Comparison Chart

School Supplies Price Comparison Chart

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Target Deals: July 18 - 24

Target Deals: July 18 - 24

Dollar General Deals: July 18 - 24

Dollar General Deals: July 18 - 24

These are some great school supplies deals. Stock up and save!

Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer: July 17 - August 6

Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer: July 17 - August 6

Free "I Caught the Tooth Fairy" Digital Photo

Free "I Caught the Tooth Fairy" Digital Photo

Where have I been?

I know, I know. I started this by saying that I would be on here all the time, but that is just not possible with my schedule. Sorry. I really am sorry. If I dedicated as much time to this blog as I do to my schoolwork, I would be on here all the time! :)

I have been trying to get some offers on here that people may try to enjoy. Some days, I can do a lot and others- not so much.

I have also been trying to get the word out about my (part-time) savings blog, by posting to Twitter (opal10161973) and Facebook (anastasia beeler), and the occasional other bloggers site.

As you may have noticed, I have been borrowing some really great tips from some other people and I would like to thank them again.

Thank you to Faithful Provisions for sending us all these great deals and to whomever you may have gotten some of them from.

Well, I do have to run and do some (more- sigh) homework.

Coming soon!
Grinding your own meat to save (or not) money.

Right @ Home

Right @ Home is doing a super offer for Back to School! They are offering a free Ziploc GIFT PACK! This is also great as you sign up for the newsletter that sent me offers like this one! And COUPONS of course!

Each gift pack contains:
• One box of 50-count Ziploc® Brand Sandwich Bags
• One box of 25-count Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags with the Smart Zip™ Seal.
• One package of Ziploc® Brand Containers with the Smart Snap™ Seal (small bowl)

Get them before they're gone! There is a limit to how many they will give out!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon Binder

Coupon Binders are everywhere!

The savvy saver is always thinking of new ways to save money and this is a great idea. The only problem is...where do I start? Should I spend $30-$60 on one from a website? Well, that sortof defeats the purpose of saving money doesn't it? I know that they say that it will pay for itself very quickly, but it's still a lot of money out of pocket during a recession. So here's what I did....

I bought a durable plastic binder at Walmart for about $2-4.
I bought plastic baseball card pages for about $4-5.
I bought a clipboard for about $1-3.
I printed out my own recipe pages and shopping lists that I made myself.

TOTAL less than $10!

I use to keep a working shopping list, it prints or can go to my cell phone.

I check out the store's websites for flyers/deals before I shop, print out a list (my stores websites all do this), then put the page with the coupons on top- on my clipboard. It's organised and effective. I buy only what's on my list as I know what's on special before I go.


Everyday Foods Magazine by Martha Stewart: $5.39 for a 1-Year Subscription

Everyday Foods Magazine by Martha Stewart: $5.39 for a 1-Year Subscription

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Walgreens Deals: June 20th - 26th

Walgreens Deals: June 20th - 26th

Shape Magazine Only $2.99 for 1-Year Subscription - Today Only!

Shape Magazine Only $2.99 for 1-Year Subscription - Today Only!

Blockbuster Express FREE Movie Codes

Blockbuster Express FREE Movie Codes

ah yummy whole wheat

I had this Speech class assignment to persuade my listeners to do something-anything. I decided that-as a nurse- I should persuade them to do something healthy. So I researched white flour. Everyone seems to know how bad white flour is and not to eat it, but does everyone know WHY?

Well, it goes something like this. They bleach it. Now, I'm not talking about a process that makes the flour look bleached- IT'S ACTUALLY CHLORINE OR A CHLORIDE PRODUCT THEY USE!
Beyond being utterly disgusting, there have never been any long term studies done to determine if this is unhealthy or not.

A doctor by the name of Wiley was the head of the department of Chemistry around the turn of the last century. When the flour manufacturers were pushing for the bleaching process to be supported by our government- Dr. Wiley refused to allow the okay to be given. Thus, the FDA was born! They ARE NOT on our side! DO NOT EVER BE FOOLED INTO THINKING THEY ARE! The whole point of the FDA was to usurp this man, which means the FDA is and will always be a political agency designed to be bought off by big business. Think about cigarettes for a minute. Point made!

The worst part of all is the REASON WHY the manufacturers wanted this pushed through. It used to take 6-8 months for flour to be aged for use. The bleaching cuts that time down to 48 hours. Also, vermin including insects and rodents generally LEAVE BLEACHED FLOUR ALONE! That would make them smarter than most of us, in a way.

New studies are showing a correlation between white flour and obesity and diabetes. Apparently the process causes a substance called Alloxan to be produced in 5-15% of the flour. Alloxan has only one constructive use- to cause diabetes in lab animals to test new diabetes medications on. In countries where white flour has been introduced, they have found a correlation in the increase of diabetes and obesity as well.

There is much more but I won't bore you with any more of this diatribe. I could go on for days.
I have gotten rid of all the white flour in our house and that includes white rice and pasta too.

Oh, and I did get an 'A'.

Kids Bowl Free All Summer!

Kids Bowl Free All Summer!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Publix Deals: June 16 - 22

Publix Deals: June 16 - 22

Blockbuster Express: Today Only - Rent One, Get One Free Code

Blockbuster Express: Today Only - Rent One, Get One Free Code


OK so I've been a little busy with class lately. I have been getting just enough time to clean the house and batch cook for the next week. Actually, I am unable to batch cook much for this week. I hope the guys can make it on their own for a few days. I had this extra large speech for class and I had to spend an entire day prepping for it. As I received an A for it; I believe it to have been worth the time. I need to spend some time today studying for a test tomorrow, as well. SIGH!

I will be posting a lot more of these great links from Faithful Provisions, as I believe she has some of the best links around!


Amazon Video-On-Demand - $10 Credit

Amazon Video-On-Demand - $10 Credit

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I tried powdered milk the other day. Well, we all did when we were running low on cash and I didn't get paid yet-so we made do with powdered milk. I went on over to a page from Hillbilly Housewife, who is so nice as to have put the reconstitution amounts in a graph on her page. She is a veritable fount of information on many things. One of them is how to chill the milk with a towel dampened with cool water and wrap it around the milk. Now, if there is someone out there with access to the Internet who does NOT have refrigeration, I can only think of a few reasons why. They choose not to, they use the library, and/or their child got the information off the school's computer. Please feel free to add any I may have missed. Although her page is very interesting, I am still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, we tried it. My youngest said,"It's yucky." and refused it after that. The oldest said,"It's yucky." and refused it, for the most part, after that. I tried it-didn't mind it much and used it for creamer in my coffee. I tried adding sugar, which is a great suggestion- didn't really work too well. I added too much, just try to imagine it please, yes that is when I said,"It's yucky." and then thinned it out-much better. After a few days, I realised that they really were NOT going to drink it and gave up to the majority. I also noticed that it is actually MORE expensive to buy it that way down here where I live. Not sure why? We even considered trying to add some to the milk we have to make it last longer, when I realised that little bit of information. Oh well, it was worth a try!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Batch Cooking

I want to warn you- I don't do OMAC or once a month cooking. For one, I have a full time job and full time academic calendar- so two-three days in a row off, just doesn't happen. Second, I probably wouldn't be able to eat for two days after. It is just too much. I do batch cook though.

When I get a few hours or even a whole day, like yesterday, when I can cook-I do so. There were these absolutely fabulous half off deals at Winn-Dixie and I just HAD TO stock up! Whole fryers @ 0.74/pound, 8oz mushrooms for 0.99, and many more! I made a quick stop at Save-a-lot for 10lb bags of potatoes for $1.99, bought two because you can always make french fries to freeze, then headed home! At first I had a plan to rotisserie the chickens and make some mashed potatoes. It turned into a 6 hour cookathon. I think I was really just trying to put off the homework I had to do, but hey, I did do something constructive! In all, we have enough meals and frozen things to last for about 10-14 days. I utilized the rotisserie, crockpot, deep fryer, frying pan, large pot, mixer with slicer attachment, and my poor knife is just about dull from all of the slicing! I was able to make as follows:

4 cups of mashed potatoes
3 gallon sized bags of potato chips
Large bowl of salad=8 servings
2 sandwhich sized bags of satueed mushrooms and onions-premade/frozen for future use
2 chicken fajita premade dinners=8+servings
8 ears of corn
2- 3.3lb rotisserie chicken
3 quarts of rotisserie chicken stew=8 servings

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saving Money can be a full time job!

If you are like I am, when you start something wonderful and new, you go a little overboard. I have been spending a little TOO much time lately-clipping coupons. I have begun my summer classes and will need to spend more time concentrating on them. I will still be here a lot-can't really help myself. I still have a lot of thanks to give to the very nice lady over at Faithful Provisions for showing me the true path to saving money. Also, over at $5 Dollar dinners, for showing me how to save money one dinner at a time. She also has a fantastic garden. Just have to be careful of the frogs! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Single Mom Saving Big

While on my savings journey through the web, couponing, and BOGOF sales items, I hit a snag. It was with my family not appreciating all the work I was doing to save money. They began to take things for granted. How? One wonders. It all started out so innocently. I was talking about how I saved over $100 off the grocery bill this last week with a friend, when it hit me. I happened to be online looking at my emails when I got one from Paypal stating that it had been used. How is that possible when it's in my wallet? I thought. Upon further inspection of my wallet, I found no hint, not even a dust particle, of my Paypal Card. That's when I realized that HE must have taken it out and decided to use it.
I was at class all afternoon, unable to do anything more than watch the emails pile up- three in all. It totaled more than $11.00 in junk food. Now, one would say that is not that much money over all-true. However, I am the only person with a job right now and had the money spent on bills. I had to make a late night run to the bank-paying another $6.00 in unrecoverable bank fees to move money around to make sure the auto payment would not bounce causing another $30 in overdraft fees. This was all over $11.00. Not to mention the stress involved during my entire day-worry that he would just keep spending.

This is what I realized:

1. Everyone HAS to be on board with your financial plan or the smallest thing could mess it up.

2. Just because you save money on groceries does NOT give any ONE person in the home the ability to spend more on frivolity, me included.

3. Don't brag to people how much money you have saved if they do not understand that you are just happy that you are able to do it.