Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Single Mom Saving Big

While on my savings journey through the web, couponing, and BOGOF sales items, I hit a snag. It was with my family not appreciating all the work I was doing to save money. They began to take things for granted. How? One wonders. It all started out so innocently. I was talking about how I saved over $100 off the grocery bill this last week with a friend, when it hit me. I happened to be online looking at my emails when I got one from Paypal stating that it had been used. How is that possible when it's in my wallet? I thought. Upon further inspection of my wallet, I found no hint, not even a dust particle, of my Paypal Card. That's when I realized that HE must have taken it out and decided to use it.
I was at class all afternoon, unable to do anything more than watch the emails pile up- three in all. It totaled more than $11.00 in junk food. Now, one would say that is not that much money over all-true. However, I am the only person with a job right now and had the money spent on bills. I had to make a late night run to the bank-paying another $6.00 in unrecoverable bank fees to move money around to make sure the auto payment would not bounce causing another $30 in overdraft fees. This was all over $11.00. Not to mention the stress involved during my entire day-worry that he would just keep spending.

This is what I realized:

1. Everyone HAS to be on board with your financial plan or the smallest thing could mess it up.

2. Just because you save money on groceries does NOT give any ONE person in the home the ability to spend more on frivolity, me included.

3. Don't brag to people how much money you have saved if they do not understand that you are just happy that you are able to do it.

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