Thursday, May 27, 2010


I tried powdered milk the other day. Well, we all did when we were running low on cash and I didn't get paid yet-so we made do with powdered milk. I went on over to a page from Hillbilly Housewife, who is so nice as to have put the reconstitution amounts in a graph on her page. She is a veritable fount of information on many things. One of them is how to chill the milk with a towel dampened with cool water and wrap it around the milk. Now, if there is someone out there with access to the Internet who does NOT have refrigeration, I can only think of a few reasons why. They choose not to, they use the library, and/or their child got the information off the school's computer. Please feel free to add any I may have missed. Although her page is very interesting, I am still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, we tried it. My youngest said,"It's yucky." and refused it after that. The oldest said,"It's yucky." and refused it, for the most part, after that. I tried it-didn't mind it much and used it for creamer in my coffee. I tried adding sugar, which is a great suggestion- didn't really work too well. I added too much, just try to imagine it please, yes that is when I said,"It's yucky." and then thinned it out-much better. After a few days, I realised that they really were NOT going to drink it and gave up to the majority. I also noticed that it is actually MORE expensive to buy it that way down here where I live. Not sure why? We even considered trying to add some to the milk we have to make it last longer, when I realised that little bit of information. Oh well, it was worth a try!

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