Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I absolutly love what I like to call: The "FREE" Movement. It is so fab and 'in' to give stuff away that I cannot believe how much it happens everyday!

The lattest free stuff is bowling. I know sortof a 70's fad- that is coming back into fashion!

It all started with the Free bowling for children earlier this summer. If you sign up- you get a free game for the little ones- each week- all summer long. So, if you haven't signed up- do it now and you have until the end of the month to enjoy!

If that wasn't enough- they have gone full throttle on this one! Free bowling for everyone who has their own coupon, this Saturday only (August 7th), and at participating centers- nationwide ladies and gents! Just give them your email address. I was able to print out three without ANY problems, so no worries about extra prints!

The best part is the only thing you do have to pay for is shoe rental. Most places only charge $1-3 for this. We are planning on going and playing a game this Saturday for only $7.50 for FIVE people! WOO HOO!!!!




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